Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Little Winter Comfort

Ody, as you may know is my oldest pet.  He has in his old age become decidedly unphased by things that used to bother him (and still bother my younger brood of cats and fosters).  Since it is winter and been quite chilly most of the month, Fleury sleeps on my bed most evenings.  I've noticed that once she gets on the bed and nods off into a nap, some of the cats get on the bed and don't seem to notice her.  Ody has managed to push this to a whole new level.  I have caught his bum slightly lying against Fleury's bum and other close proximity touches.  But both of them falling asleep like this?  Priceless.
Ody "walking" on Fleury (notice Zeus' glowing eyes at the top)

Or perhaps it's a back massage?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Two Youngest will be 2 years old in February

Ok I promised a video of the rotti and the silver tabby as babies playing and here it is below, I hope I've embedded it correctly!

Please be sure to leave a comment if they do not work properly! (Apologies for all my giggling, you have to admit it was pretty darn cute and funny!)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Old Man and the C (for cute)

Odyseuss (Ody), is my 14 year old Maine Coon.  I got him at 4 weeks old from a friend of my roommate at the time, Jen.  He was from a litter of 4 kittens and the tragedy was that the mother had been struck by a car, leaving these poor little ones orphaned.  There were two black, one white and one gray kitten.  I chose my gray little guy and whisked him home to meet his brother Baxter who was Jen's new kitten.
Ody being stalked by my best friend's dog, Bear (whom passed away last year).

Bear after being sequestered outside for slobbering all over Ody one too many times.
Ody turned out to be a pretty mellow cat and had the joy of being walked around in a doll stroller by my daughter and romping up and down the stairs with Baxter.  Baxter was diagnosed with FIV when they were around 2 years old.  Wonderfully enough, he lived until a couple of years ago and Ody was never infected!

Baxter and Ody enjoying some gripping times with my daughter Elizabeth.
As times have passed and we've moved from place to place, Ody has always been there with me.  He sits watch on the bed when I'm sick, daring any more germs to invade my space.  He crankily watches Boo Boo and Zeus wrestle on the cat tree from his perch on the window.
Boo Boo and Ody.

This last year has been a stressful one for him, we moved from Florida to Louisiana along with all the our other animals.  He's lost some weight and tends to look more grumpy than usual, especially around the fosters.  Last week my brother lost his dog, Boochie (a miniature poodle) to old age.  I couldn't help but reflect that all of us got our pets within 2 - 3 years of one another.  Jen lost Baxter, then Lisa lost Bear and Rob lost Boochie.  My daughter goes off to college next year and Ody is the last living amongst my close friends and ex-roommates pets.  It's been a long strange trip Ody my friend, I hope we have a few adventures left together.

"Those fosters are getting on my nerves......"

"You kids shut up, I'm trying to nap in here!"

"I got my eye on you..."

Friday, December 3, 2010


Boo Boo normally hates Fleury due to the fact that she's still a puppy in rottweiler years and wants to "play" with all moving things.

I apologize for the poor quality but it was by the light of the tv, also this is why I have no leg room to sleep!  I recently got a automatic laser light called Bolt (its on for the cats.  Turns out Fleury is more interested in it than the cats, she literally wore herself out chasing this automated laser all over the floor and walls.  This I must video and share with you soon, it's quite amusing!