Sunday, March 20, 2011

Serial Hugger

Yes folks, it looks we have a serial hugger.....
Sammi and Annie

Sammi giving me the "go away" look
The elusive Dana, look at those colors!

Annie and her half mohawk, ringworm still healing

Friday, March 18, 2011

Heartwarming story in Japan

Original link with video:
A SHAKING and mud-splattered spaniel emerges from rubble to lead rescuers to a stricken pal in this heartwarming video from devastated Japan.
The exhausted animal had loyally remained with his four-legged chum since the earthquake and tsunami obliterated his home six days ago.
Reporters were covering the destruction in Ibaraki Prefecture, north-east Japan, when the canine appeared and led them back to the remains of a nearby house.
There they found the injured animal, they initially believed was dead, lying amongst the wreckage.

When they spotted the second dog stirring they called in a team from Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support, while his cold and bewildered companion returned to sit steadfastly in the spot at his pal's side where he had stood guard since Friday's disaster.
Wanting to stay watch over his mate, the spaniel refused to move for another hour before the pair could be separated and the injured dog whisked off to vets in nearby Mito.
His hero chum was taken to a shelter nearby.
The dfog had been wearing a collar but it is not known if his owner survived the horror four-storey wall of water that swept through the district.
Viewers of the touching footage, which has been posted on YouTube, have praised the brave pooch, with one saying: "That dog is a better person than most humans.
"Loyalty is the best word to use when you describe a dog. Truly, man's best friend is a well-deserved title."

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sleepy Saturday

Sammi is a hugger
Annie is a stretcher
Notice the empty food plate zzzzz

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Technology Woes

First it was my Blackberry......

And then my camera was confiscated....

And then Sammi took over....

Annie and Samantha

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Little Orphans

Well, good news and bad news, they seem to be responding to the Clavamox and will take it for another week.  They also have tape worm and ring worm so have another two meds to take daily for these.  Otherwise, they have all gained weight yaaaay, their lungs sound pretty good and the doctor thinks they will be just fine in a couple weeks.  Poor little Annie had to get a little hair cut so we could see her ringworm glow green under the special light at the vet's office.  I'm glad they have been dewormed and hope that is what's had them feeling kinda yucky the past few days.
Sammi snuggling with me and pillow pet

Annie's new "do"

Finally got a shot of Dana!  See her tortie grandness?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sick Little Girls

Well the three girls have been on Clavamox for 10 days now, which I'm told is very strong, and the still sneeze and do that coughing thing that sounds like when they have a hairball.  Little Annie, you can hear hear breathing and Samantha keeps getting a runny eye in her left eye.  I think it's time to back to the vet and see what else we can do for these little ladies.

Annie is still the only brave one to get off the bed and wander around.  Dana and Sammi stay in the box unless eating or using the bathroom.  I'm starting to think perhaps I need to remove the box from the bed all together but I'm scared they will hide under my nightstand on the cold tile all day.  Any recommendations??

Annie and Sammi tuckered out after playing with fluffy thing

Sammi decided my shirt would be a great pillow