Monday, February 28, 2011

Urgent Post from Covered in Cat Hair


Not on My Watch: 24 HRS TO SAVE 15 YR OLD CAT-URGENT!


ID# 0850
BLOSSOM's owner brought her to animal control and paid a fee to have her euthanized instead of taking her to the vet's and paying for her to be treated for a urinary tract infection. Poor reward for her 15 years of gentle, faithful companionship!
If someone will take this beautiful Nebelung (German name for the long haired gray cat known as a "creature of the mist"), we have a sponsor who will pay to have her examined and treated by a vet.

Since her euthanasia fee was paid, she MUST have commitment by 3 PM Monday (Feb 28)!

Who makes up these moronic rules? Give the jerk a refund and don't put the cat down! This is a SERIOUS URGENT, please cross post and share!
If you can offer rescue or adoption for this cat, contact:
Pat Hopper - Douglas County Transporter
(cell) 404-725-0393
E-MAIL: pnh1918 (@) REMOVE SPACES AND PARENTHESIS FROM EMAIL ADDRESS BEFORE CONTACTING PAT. This was added to prevent spam bots from emailing Pat. If you're confused, just drop me an email.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Samantha On My Mind

Little Samantha is such a sweet, gentle young lady.  Of the three, she seems the most sick, probably because it took them another week to catch her.  I noticed she seemed to be shivering intermittently this morning so I had her come lay with me for a little while.  

I apologize for the darkness of the video, I have the blinds closed because when any of them see something move outside, they freak out and hide, poor things.  Can you see while I'm falling for her? hehe  I'm hoping once we get this nasty URI our of their systems, they will perk up and be a little more adventurous.  Annie is already showing signs of this, she may be the smallest but she is definitely the spunkiest!

Thoughts and Prayers

We would like to offer our thoughts and prayers to everyone in New Zealand suffering from the aftermath of this earthquake.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Just some pics

Also, I decided to change Sigourney's name to Samantha cause it fits her better.  I might just keep her, she's stolen my heart.  =)

Samantha snoozing after some wet food, yum!

Little Annie snoozes on my legs.

Three girls in a row!

Little Annie has one dark toe, its too cute!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Heart Strings

These three young ladies are truly tearing at my heart strings.  I don't know if it's the mother in me that just wants them to be well or just plain on compassion.  But these three are so sick with their URI's that they have mucus the "sneeze" out and sometimes they gape their mouths open to catch a breath, it just breaks my heart.  On top of their poor little suffering, I have to give them medicine which seems to be a bit more traumatic.  I apologize to them the entire time even after they retreat back in the little cardboard box I set up my bed for them.  They stare at me with confused sickly eyes and I feel horrible, even though I know its going to help them.  Annie seems to be the bravest of the three, she's snoozing next to me whilst Dana and Sigourney cuddle in the box.
Sigourney and Dana snoozing together.

And then there were THREE!

The skittish 3rd sister has joined us.  I don't know any other female characters in Ghostbusters so we shall call her Sigourney after the wonderful actress.  She is sick with an URI as well so I have my hands full with the three of them but they are so beautiful and sweet, I won't mind at all.

Annie, Sigourney and Dana, hiding in a carboard box

Friday, February 18, 2011

Introducing Annie and Dana

Well for now it's just the two, they are named after characters in Ghostbusters! The third one is still prett anti-social and our foster chair didn't want me to have to handle that as well for now. These two are still a little feral but warming up to being pet.  So without further ado, may I introduce.....



Poor little Annie is still very sick =(

Thursday, February 17, 2011

3 Little Ones!

Well it looks like I will be welcoming THREE little ones into our foster home either tomorrow or Saturday!  These little ones were recently trapped and vetted.  They are still trying to trap the feral mother so she can at least be spayed and returned if efforts to tame her are unsuccessful.  They all have URIs so it will be a little more work than usual and also one of them is a little skittish but I think my overwhelming love and patience will win them over to the tame side.

Angel is doing MUCH better, her nose doesn't look like it went through a lawnmower anymore.  She has a suitor who saw her on our Facebook site!  From what I hear it is a gentleman with no other animals which would work out perfectly for her so let's keep our fingers crossed that this is her furever home.

If you are in the Baton Rouge area, please be sure to stop by PetSmart on Siegen to check out our cats and dogs up for adoption!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Louis Adopted!

I went in on Saturday to pick up Momma and Louis as adoption day at PetSmart wrapped up.  Well he had someone filling out papers as I arrived!  A very nice young couple with a cat and a sweet golden retriever decided to take Louis home.  I got to chat with them a bit before I left and they were very nice and wanted to know everything about Louis they could from me.  I was very happy for him!

Mommy wrapped me up nice and warm zzzzzz
Angel has an upper respiratory infection so I've been treating her with meds once a day and it looks like I may get some little ones this Saturday who also have URI's.  I have a second interview on Wednesday that I'm excited about so I shall keep everyone posted on all the above!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Updates, updates

Ok I know I promised updates and all and I will get to that later today however for now I'm getting Mr. Louis and Momma ready to go up for adoption day at PetSmart.  The last two weeks have been giving Louis medicine twice a day to get his ears cleared up.  In the meantime, Angel has (I'm told) some sort of URI but I'm not so sure cause she has cut below her eye and her nose looks awful.  But I will dutifully follow instructions with her meds and see how she is in a couple days.  (There is a graphic photo below, if you don't want to see, don't scroll down!)

Holy crap I just saw one of the brother cops from Biggest Loser: Couples on one of my crime shows, what are the odds?!

Can this just be a URI?? I'm no expert but it looks painful =(
Louis takin over the interwebz

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No Apologies

I make absolutely no apologies for my pajama pants.  =)

See I can hold still Mommy?!

I have some Maine Coon in me, see my tips?

Ok, it's time to go play Mommy, no more pictures!

Slacking =(

I know I've been quite a bad foster mommy not updating but it's been a rough couple of weeks.  I promise to provide updates on Louis and my other kids in the next couple of days.

Momma says we are pooped!