Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jack's New Mommy

Jack's new forever Mommy was nice enough to send us an update!  She has this to say:

Everything has gone great with Jack and the girls. He's their size so I think he thinks they're cats. He follows them around everywhere. He keeps trying to eat their food so I keep bringing him back to his. He eats some of his and then wants to go back and eat where they're eating. They've been really sweet to him so I think they understand he's a kitten. Our neighborhood cat is a female and she hissed at him so she's no longer allowed inside. All in all, he's a sweetheart and we're happy to have him. 

I'm emailing you a pic of him and the girls from Monday. It's too cute!


What? It's comfortable!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ear Mites and Infections

Poor little Louis, we suspected a possible URI and ear infection, so I took him up to the vet today.  He has ear mites AND and ear infection.  He has scratched off a couple of patches on his chest so we are treating that as well.  Thankfully it doesn't appear to be a URI but most likely just allergies.  He was a real trooper at the vet's office and the staff just fell in love with him while he made biscuits in the air, as they examined him.

I'm so glad we have some treatment for him now and he should be feeling a LOT better in the next 48 hours.

I also forgot to mention that Momma got to come back to us this week along with Louis.  She was pretty grouchy looking up at PetSmart and there is no adoption day this coming weekend, so we went ahead and brought her home so she could be comfortable until next adoption day.

Since this......
is what I get when I try to photo Mr. Wiggle Bottom Wont Hold Still, I made a short video so you could get a better idea of what he looks like.  No, he didnt hold still for the video either hehe.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Meet Louis

Following the excitement of Jack being adopted, I was tasked with bringing home this little orange fluff ball.
I will not be fooled by a string, you must PET ME!!

Why are you holding that flash box thingie?
Pet me!!
He showed up on the doorstep of one of our wonderful adopters dirty and disheveled.  She of course, immediately took him in and fed him.  Unfortunately her adopted cat did not much care for another cat being in the house, at all!  So she was forced to keep Louis in her bathroom.  She reached out to us and asked if we could take him in, which of course, we did.

This little guy is a LOVE, he will literally weave around your legs until you sit down and pet him.  At which point he circles you, climbs on you and does everything possible to get you to continue petting him.  This makes it very difficult to take photos of him to share here.  Louis has been sneezing so we suspect he caught a URI when he was being vetted for vaccinations and neutering.  Also he has brown stuff in his ears and upon closer inspection (which is next to impossible because he wont' hold still), I discovered he has several spots on his chest and chin where hair is missing and small blemishes are on his skin.  I think this might be ringworm but we will have to wait to see what the vet says on Monday.  Overall, this is a HAPPY little guy and he's happy to be in our home even if he has to stay in the cat room by himself for now.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jack goes up for adoption day

Update 2:  Jack was adopted by a wonderful lady who has two tea-cup chihuahuas who will be his playmates.  The lady then proceeded to buy out half of PetSmart to get items for Jack to go home, stopping by every few minutes to ask "Do you think he'll like this??".  He will be one spoiled little man, congratulations Jack, great job!!

UPDATE:  Jack has found his forever home!!!  I will give more information later when I find out the details.  Also we have a new foster named Louie coming home and perhaps a buddy for him as well.

Jack is going up to the PetSmart on Siegen today for adoption day.  If you live in the Baton Rouge area and you want an adorable, affectionate and playful little companion, Jack is your guy!  Swing by and take a look at him and the other kittens and cats that are there for adoption day.  Give one a furrever home!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jack minus Jill and Biscuits

Yesterday Jill went back to her real brother (and a vet appointment) to possibly be adopted together, with him, by a nice local family.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that works out for her and her brother.  Well, since she has left, I have felt bad for little Jack being alone in the foster room, so I bring him into my room every couple hours after clearing out my pets.  He has decided his favorite toy and/or bed its a clean place mat I happened to have on the bed after doing laundry.  He also has a habit of making biscuits constantly, it's honestly very cute.  This is a very loving young man that is sure to steal some hearts in his time.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Purring motors started!

I have decided on Jack and Jill because it just seemed to fit them appropriately. I put down a large red blanket on the floor for them because the tile is cold due to our weather. Jack is a competition purrer as you will see in the video below.  This is my digital camera which allows me to record video so I apologize for quality, also the lighting was low because they were sleeping before I came in.  Enjoy!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Correction!! Sex mix up!

After closer inspection it appears I have mixed up the sexes of our little foster kittens.  The brown tabby is a male and the white calico is a female.  They did have names at PetSmart but due to the busyness at the time, there was confusion on what they were, so that is why I'm renaming them.

I think Casper can still work for a female, so we will leave her name intact but for our gentle brown tabby....we definitely need a new name!  I'm open to suggestions.  Casper seems to be the more outgoing and brave on of the two while the male is laid back and purrs much louder than his sibling.  They are both very affectionate little buggers and I enjoy giving them butt scritches which they seem to love.  This morning I put the automatic laser toy in for them to play with, they initially were attracted to the whirring motor inside the toy before they figured out it put this glorious little moving red dot upon the floor that obviously needed to be caught!

My foster mommy thought I was a GIRL,
doesn't she know they have cooties?!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


We have some new visitors in our home!  Today was Momma's turn to go up to PetSmart for adoption day.  While there, I saw these two little siblings were waiting amongst the others to be adopted.  Our foster chair was gracious enough to allow me to foster them for awhile. I was so excited to get to foster them that I didn't get much of their back story.  After some thought my daughter has decided to name them Casper and Misty Jack and Jill, respectively.
Meet Casper Jill, this little gentleman lady has an orange eyebrow.
And his sister her brother, Misty Jack.
I promise to get some better pictures once they hold still for longer than 10 seconds!  Let's keep our fingers crossed that Momma finds a forever home this week!

On another, rather sad, note...our friends over at Covered in Cat Hair are having a difficult time with their elderly cat, Bob.  He has had a lot of health issues and is now dealing with lymphoma.  Please stop by and leave them some kind words or even leave a small donation towards Bob's growing vet bill.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I would like to apologize about my last post (which I've since removed).  I didn't take into consideration that I might portray my foster chair and/or the APAWS organization in a bad light.  The reason I asked for advice from other foster parents on blogs/twitter was because I was unsure how to approach my foster chair about how I felt.  I had never discussed this with her before so it was not as though she was some big bad person that was forcing me to foster adult cats haha.

I apologize if I created any misunderstandings in that regard or shed any dark light on APAWS.  I was just looking for advice because I'm new to fostering and wasn't sure how to ask my foster chair for what I wanted.  My foster chair is awesome and so is our entire organization!  I've discussed this whole issue with her and she was very gracious and understanding.

Fleury as a pup says "Please forgive us?"