Saturday, April 21, 2012

In the process of moving, so my living room is a disaster, but this early eve I came around the corner to witness this interaction (recorded with a Samsung Ultra droid phone):

Friday, March 2, 2012

Rest In Peace

Ody, my oldest pet, has crossed over the rainbow bridge.  I can't think of anything intelligible to say right now, so I will have to follow up later.  I love you Ody.

Odyseuss    1998 - 2012


Someone likes Kathy Lee and Hoda

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Every single morning

Sammi knows when my alarm clock is going to go off and insist on waking me up every morning (weekends included) five minutes before it goes off.....I guess so I don't miss the "excitement" of it *rolls eyes*
Then commences our morning talk while I try to wake up with some coffee......

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So after a very long two year hiatus, I've finally landed an IT job!  So until I get acclimated to my role there, there will probably be a brief non-blogging phase here.  Afterwords, I will get in touch with a shelter here and see what fostering possibilities they have!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Forever Home Success!

Ms. Misty has been successfully delivered to my brother and he just absolutely adores her.  It's great for him to have a  new companion and it really makes me smile to see him so happy again.

In the meantime, my cat Sammi has been battling this mysterious rash that came around right as we moved. I tried giving her l-lysine and some topical stuff to control itching all to no avail.....

Then yesterday I had a ureka moment....she only has the little sores or scabs from her chin to her belly, is it possible she's allergic to her litter??  So I've changed over to pine pellets as of yesterday, we shall see how it goes.  Any recommendations on what you other parents might think it is, is quite welcome!!

In the meantime:

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Little TLC

Well it would appear that little Misty has had a rough go of it in her short little life thus far.  I gave her a bath and she was surprisingly mellow about it, but had the usual distressed meow and trying to get the heck out of that sink lol.  As I was washing her hind legs I felt a tiny little ball and surmised it is a BB.  Some cruel person shot this beautiful little girl with a BB gun.  I will never, ever, understand why anyone could formulate in their mind that this was something "ok" to do!

She also has some of her little front teeth on the top and bottom missing, not sure what may have caused that to happen.  And she has a bit of her tail missing and the top is bent at a sharp right angle.  However, despite all these things, she is a very loving and social cat.  She has spent the morning following me around from room to room as I go about my morning routine.  I have some paintings and mirrors leaning against some walls, since I haven't gotten around to hanging them yet.  She is quite fascinated with the mirrors and keeps trying to figure out where the cat in it has gone by peeking behind the mirrors.  It's pretty amusing.  I will get some better pictures today with my regular camera, instead of these weird washed out ones my cell phone camera takes lol.  Oh and Happy Monday!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fostering for Family

My brother, Rob and his friends kitten, Eris
I'm spending my birthday with my brother today.  When I took him home from the hospital (he had his gall bladder removed) I discovered he has a little stray birman kitty and set about talking him into taking it into his home.  He finally caved but is like "well she just keeps running to the door and wants out, I dont think she wants a home."  So I'm going to foster the little one to get her used to home living since he apparently doesnt have the patience lol.  Updates to follow later today!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Moving, Healing and Living

Sammi and Lizzy enjoying Christmas
So I haven't posted in forever because I finally moved back home to where all my family resides, in southern Illinois.  It was a MUCH needed departure from what I was "living" with, I'll just say that it can be very difficult to leave an abusive relationship, but all it takes is one step away and finally you're world changes for the better.  I had the three little girls up until the day before I left, Sammi, Annie and Dana.  I kept Sammi, whom (if you followed my blog) stole my heart very early on, and it was heartbreaking turning Annie and Dana back over to APAWS but I knew they were in awesome hands and will find their forever homes.

Now that I have gotten my own home, settled and the holidays are finally over, it's time to stake out my local rescue organizations!  My daughter, Lizzy, is still here visiting on her winter break from college, Sammi isn't so sure about her hehehe.

Which reminds me, I'm going to have to change my site name somehow to something more appropriate.....or I'll just leave it for now.  Anyhow I'm going to visit my brother tomorrow (who just lost his dog mid last year) and going to drag him over to the Cache Creek Animal Rescue to look at kitties and talk to them about fostering.


Sammi's best Puss in Boots impersonation
I know Sammi will enjoy some lil ones about to play with!